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Fizz Man character image


Sculpted 2015

If you knew that Mega Man had a little cat friend, did you ALSO know that I made a one-off figure of him? Log that away in case it comes up in Jeopardy. Here are some shots of the robokitty, ’bout fittin to pounce. It was a commission from etsy and it was cool because I did it for someone I never met before and she found me at a convention one year!

Tango is © Capcom

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Mega Man Resin Variants

Sculpted 2012

One of the main reasons I wanted to switch from polymer clay to resin casting was to make a bunch of different Mega Man color and power variants without having to start from scratch every dang time. Here are the first few styles I did, not including the powers I nixed: Squeeze Launcher, Burp Twirl, French Steak, Jump Whisper, Total Help

Mega Man is © Capcom

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Mega Man

Sculpted 2012

I got a call to make a straight-up Mega Man, so I insisted that I do the foot-tall size to keep in line with my latest robot masters including Metal Man, Flash Man and Skull Man. I finished this one up right around the same time as when Capcom announced Mega Man’s inclusion in the Street Fighter X Tekken thing, which made me happy that I could represent the real Mega Man when he is simultaneously getting lampooned on a more official basis.

Mega Man is © Capcom.

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Brainy Metool

Sculpted 2012

I guess, starting with the Maskless Shy Guy, that I have a preoccupation with “what’s under there” when it comes to some of these characters. Dr. Wily may make ’em cute on the outside, but the inner workings are where his mechanical madness is manifested. The Metools with removable helmets were a tricky undertaking because I molded the figure and the helmet separately in hopes of them fitting together afterward– they do! And not only that, they almost snap snugly together. Casting these figures means no end of color variations on his brain, and maybe even his standard color, so check back as I update with new colorways.

Metools are © Capcom.

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Mega Man Chess

Sculpted 2011

Who’d get caught dead with stuffy old wood chessmen when you could be pushing these rad pieces around? I like Zelda okay, but I got a huge soft spot for classic Mega Man. With this chess set, I’m bound to become the next Harvey Kasparov. But wait, which piece does what? Here’s a breakdown:

King: Dr. Light
Queen: Mega Man
Bishops: Roll/ Kalinka
Knight: Rush
Rook: Beat
Pawn: Eddie

King: Dr. Wily
Queen: Bass
Bishops: Sniper Joe/Hammer Joe
Knight: Treble
Rook: Batton
Pawn: Metool

So, in previous chesses, I was a stickler for the Queen to be a female. Not so with this project: I thought it worked too well for Mega and Bass to be “Queens” so they could tear up the board against each other.

Mega Man is © Capcom.

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Yellow Devil

Sculpted 2010

Despite being the reason Mega Man 1 is no fun for me to play, this dastardly fellow took me like two hours to make. He is about as easy to sculpt as he looks, being a giant yellow ball with no facial features. Even so, there’s a good amount of power and toughness which comes through with his stance.

Yellow Devil is © Capcom. (more…)

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Sniper Joe

Sculpted 2010

The ubiquitous gunner of the Mega Man series, Sniper Joe. Not to be confused with the one-time Slinger Joe, or even Skele-Joe from Skull Man’s stage. I used the sprite from Mega Man 7 for this sculpture.

Sniper Joe is © Capcom. (more…)

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