Fizz Man Industries

Fizz Man character image

Proto Man Version 2

Sculpted 2016

Biiiiig gnarly Proto Man figure. About 3 times bigger than the first one I did back in fourth grade or whatever. There’s no other style that I like better than the original Mega Man stuff, and I have done a few colossal Robot Masters- Skull Man, Flash Man and Metal Man. Also I did a few versions of Mega Man sitting at about a foot each. Proto Man is the first resin cast giant Mega Man figure and his heft and bulk could really knock a full grown man out if you get him in just the right spot!

Proto Man is © Capcom

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Snake Man

Sculpted 2006

I wish I had taken more pictures of this schnook before I sold him off, ’cause I really like him. I worked pretty hard to get a spooky glare on him, and I think I got it down. Unfortunately, none of the pictures I got really shows it off. Oh well. As you can see, he’s got search snakes crawling all about him. I imagine he is conscious of the fright factor that this deals to his foes, but he probably thinks it’s incredibly icky, too.

Snake Man is © Capcom. (more…)

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Shadow Man

Sculpted 2006

One of the hippest Robot Masters, and a real blast to sculpt. Unfortunately, he never got sold, and when he came back from Fusion ’06 a good portion of his paint job got ripped clean off! That was the last time I packed my sculptures in plastic bags. Does that seem like an obviously bad idea to anyone else? It didn’t to me at the time.

Shadow Man is © Capcom. (more…)

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