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Hey Dudes, Check it Out! We’re in “Shogun”!

It’s been a minute since I brought something new to the site, and it ain’t because I’m sitting back with frilled drinks, twiddling my fingers and sipping on the drinks alternately. NO– it’s more because I’ve been incredibly busy putting together my collection of pieces for the upcoming EXTRA LIVES show at PROXIMITY GALLERY.

The show will feature the works of such Cleveland talents as Seth Bittner, Alex Cantrell, Rick Sans, and Sergio Andujar II. And me. Opening night is just a week away on Friday October 7th. It’s short notice but if you can read this, you can’t back down now! Get to Cleveland and feast your eyes on THIS PRIZE: Mario vs. Bowser in Feudal Japan. I had the idea about a month ago and the translation from my head to reality is pretty exciting.

These pictures are all well and good but I can make one promise: if you see it in person at Proximity next week, the real deal will blow whatever mind you decide to bring with you. Bring a spare.

Look-see at the full gallery by clicking this little guy.

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Countdown to Party-Time

There’ll be something to talk about in a few weeks, and it’ll be all about the EXTRA LIVES show at Proximity Gallery on October 7th, 2011. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns into a national holiday after this year, and every subsequent 10/7 will have remembrances and expensive dinners, as the custom goes. Tradition is important to uphold.

I’ve got some tubular artists with me to fill out the room with pop-culture and video game related art pieces, including Sans Oceana of course, Alex Cantrell and Seth Bittner, who are both 2-D artists with a lot of good pieces to show off. If you’re in the Cleveland area that weekend, definitely come on down on Friday for a kickoff hootenanny. It will be tasteful. In a few days I’ll put up some shots of projects me and the guys are gonna bring with us!

Go over to the Facebook Page to claim your being-going-there. I have it on good authority that Yum-Yum the Clown* will be selling hot balloon-doggies out front!

*Unless it conflicts with his daughter’s wedding that weekend.

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They’s in Your Blood =)

The bad boys will be giving you the eyeball at Proximity Gallery on September 30th. I’ve got 20 more days to put together some dynamite stuff for this show! Would I even be able to make dynamite by then, should everything go horribly wrong? NO TIME!

I set up the old Zelda Chess WIP Gallery to be the new Works in Progress Lounge. It’s as comfortable as a group of gray/ shiny gray sculptures can feel, all together. I’m going out on a limb if people even want to see half-finished stuff. If they’re anything like me, at this point of the process, they’re sick and tired of looking at them!

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