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Post Pixels and Pigments Payload

I’ve been really lucky this year to have a lot of time to get figures done and cast out, ready to paint. It’s been at the cost of not making a lot of up-front money and instead stockpiling loads of sculptures for some glorious day. I got a bunch of figures set a side to put in the Pixels and Pigments show that went on at the end of last month. It was a blast and highly successful! When I say it was highly successful I mean I didn’t sell anything but many people totally probably THOUGHT about buying something. Other artists in the show managed to sell a few bits but I’m sure we all would’ve wished for a few more bucks. I was ready to re-make everything in the show, thinking I was gonna sell out, so at least I don’t have to find time to replace any of those pieces!

When you do a gallery show, they set it up in a couple of different ways, but the most popular way to compensate the gallery owner for letting you use his space is to attach a percentage of your sale to go to him. It makes you want to price your piece to give room for his cut but still give you the money you feel you deserve for the piece. This results in a rather higher-priced piece than would rather be set at like say a convention or arts fair, where you pay a flat rate to get a booth. Even if the rate is like $300 to get a booth, you’ll still think of it as a seperate cost that shouldn’t change what you charge for your art. Anyway, that’s how it is with me, and it’s probably why I do better at conventions.

That being said, you may be thinking “so you’ll be just holding out for MAGFest from here?” NOPE the next event will be in December with Rick Sans and Sergio Andujar II, we’re working on a popup shop with multiple purposes- a launch party for our line of figures DOOMFELLAZ, an art show and a place to pick up men and women of questionable morals (to your preference) so keep your social calendar clear! More information to come!

I’ll unleash some shots of figures that were displayed at the show- the big deal was this one, which I call “Hylian at Rest”


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