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Back in the Habit 2: Sisterin’ Around

Hi there.

Don’t worry about anything, ’cause the time has come for me to take up the mantle again and be a responsible sculptor. Honeymoon’s over and I got the itch to make a few new rude dudes.


Anne and I walked out on America for another run through Japan, as you may have pieced together- the idea was to stay for a longer stint this time around, but circumstances changed and we made the choice to retreat back to Cleveland. If you want a more detailed version of this story, read through our Japan blog. It’s NOT because of anything the Yakuza did, at all, those guys are always getting blamed and I want to put all of that RIGHT out of your mind. A completely non-Yakuza related departure from Japan (not even a threatening note pinned to a rotting cabbage on our door)

We got back completely unharmed and I wasted no time joining back up with The Monster Makers. They asked, “How did you escape the wrath of the Japanese mob?” and I carefully explained that there wasn’t any trouble with them, and that they pretty much ignored us actually. According to them I was putting on a brave face but in the absence of any threat, I don’t know about any kind of brave face. Perhaps stemming from a form of PTSD that follows absolutely no trauma or shocking event, I found solace in sculpting, as you can see here:

IMG_0019ain’t nobody gonna pardon these crimes

I’m really glad to be back doing these little treasures. Maybe someday we’ll make our way back to Japan, but for now we’re jamming our stakes in the rich Cleveland concrete. I’ve got a lot of fun to do at The Monster Makers, and Anne is getting her feet professionally calloused with Inlet Dance Theatre. We’re making our presence known on this side of the planet, so if you’re a Japanese gangster you officially MISSED YOUR CHANCE.

IMG_0021I saw a yakuza and this is what it looks like

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One response to “Back in the Habit 2: Sisterin’ Around”

  1. Nathan says:

    It’s cool that I can hardly tell at all that you had to leave Japan for fear of your life because of any sort of criminal organization.

    The world feels right with Fizz Man Ind. back on the streets!

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