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The Legend is True

So I spent three months putting a Zelda Chess set together, WHAT OF IT. Did you expect any less of me? Click that bit on the right to see so many pictures of all the characters. Each piece is unique, I didn’t replicate anything or use any molds. Boy, I sure kinda wish I had, though. Woulda saved some time!

I’m probably gonna get to take it for one test-drive before I send it away and never see it again… It’s a shame I’m terrible at chess, though.

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17 Responses to “The Legend is True”

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  3. Naruedyoh says:

    That’s the definition of awesome

  4. GemN says:

    Wait, send it away? Where does it go?

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  12. Curtiss Grymala says:

    With all this attention, I’ll bet you’re really wishing you’d used some molds, now. :) Although the molds would probably degrade pretty quickly, you’d probably at least be able to churn out a handful of sets that way.

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  14. Andreuuh. says:

    Sooooo, I WANT THAT.
    If you spent three months making it, how many days of the week, and for how long each day did you work on that?

  15. Andreuuh. says:

    Well, because I’m such a nerd about Zelda, i would enjoy something of the like.

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